Special Events


The Evolve Class at The Yoga Collective
135 West 29th Street, Suite #603
Co-taught with Ashley Matthews
Thursdays 12:15-1:30pm (door opens at 12pm)
$25/single class or $66/three classes
Please sign up in advance.

The Evolve Class is an immersive movement and fitness class open to all ages and abilities designed to bring the student’s attention to optimal and effective movement patterns. To create Evolve, Lindsay and Ashley combine vinyasa yoga practices, moving seamlessly with breath, and challenging, alignment-based exercises derived from Pilates. The class will promote health and efficiency through smart movement to support basic daily activities as well as progress in more rigorous physical goals. The class emphasizes strength, sustainability and longevity by heightening body awareness, creating new movement patterns, and building functional strength. This mixing of movement modalities gives the curious student an informative universal fitness experience while encouraging independence and personal discovery.



6 Week Intro to Yoga Course at Brooklyn Yoga Club
October 2 – November 13, Mondays & Wednesdays 6:30-7:45pm
(no class on Columbus Day, October 9th)
$120 for the full six weeks
$90 for anyone who has taken the course before, but would like to repeat it

This course is suitable for beginners, those with no yoga experience at all, and those who have some yoga experience, but have not practiced much Ashtanga Yoga. You will be guided in a small, intimate setting, allowing for individual attention.

Each Monday class will begin with a foundational discussion on yoga, covering topics such as the importance of breath; the meaning of vinyasa; the effect of yoga on both the body and mind; and the benefits of consistent practice. Following this there will be a detailed breakdown of one section of the primary series. We will cover the sun salutations, standing poses, some of the seated poses, and the closing sequence.

Each Wednesday’s class will be taught as a beginner’s led class. Students will be guided at a slow, and even pace through the postures that were learned on Monday evening, plus a few extras. This class will be a great opportunity for students to review and apply what was taught on Monday, and is also appropriate for students who have previously taken the beginner’s course, or those looking for a slow paced led primary class.

Overall students will be introduced to postures, breathing and concentration practices, deep relaxation and meditation. You will build your practice progressively from one week to the next, and by the end of the six weeks you will have a firm foundation on which to continue your yoga practice at BKYC or even on your own! Some of the overall benefits you can expect to experience from this practice are improved strength, stamina and flexibility, improved breathing and breath control, as well as heightened ability to focus, and increased memory.

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